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Spartans won 32 medals at the last two meets.

It was very impressive to see the Spartans at Trevor Craven track
meet on July 8-9 at Swangard.

With their 18 medals ( 8 Gold, 6 Silver and 4 Bronze),
they  did all the adjustments for the final competitions at the BC Provincial Championships and showing a role model for the youngest team mates  D.Strome, S.Chane, L.Sissons
and  A.Malysheva.

E.Strome, ran the best time in province in 200mH with 25.73; M.Stefanovic won the T.J with the PB 12.52m; A.Nizamani in LJ with
6.22m, B.Pavel and J.Reta with their solid and promises performances.

Those results, encouraged them and the girls Rai and Kandola to play a big show at the Final Provincial
Championship in Coquitlam last weekend when they swiped everything at their respective events.

Next, was the turn of A.Nizamani, who won the Gold in Long Jump with PB of 6.25m. His
jumping capacities promised much more further in the future.

In Triple jump Stefanovic and Pavel got good results winning a Silver and a Bronze.

For the girls, D.Rai was second in Long Jump and third in 100mH and her sister Simran
Rai got a gold in 3000m Race Walk with the great progress of 35 sec PB.
M.Kandola  missed the bronze by one jump  with the tie results of 1.55m with the third place.

Brothers Reta, did a good performance in long distances. Jemal want
to show that the Spartans are not top athletes in hurdles and jumps but and in
long distances. He won a Gold in 2000m and a Silver in 1200m with a 5 sec.
respective PB in both events.

In the end of the show Spartans swiped the 200mH winning the Gold, Silver and Bronze
with Stefanovic, Strome and Pavel.

The screen of the Championship comes down  and Spartans won 14 medals (5 Gold,5 Silver and 4 Bronze).

The “Fantastic Four” repeated and confirmed
the BC Provincial Team Standards for
Participation at the Canadian Legion National Championship in Ottawa in August  5-7.

Congratulation to all of you for your dedication and hard working
through the years.

Tatjana and

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