Registration and Fees

Annual Spartans Membership Fees 2024

Our membership fee covers training for both the Track and Field season (January to July) as well as the Cross Country season (September to November). As a result, our athletes benefit from year-round training and conditioning.

Group Age Range Spartans Annual Fee
Rascals 6-8 years $170
Junior Development (JD) 9-13 years $400
U16 (Midget) 14-15 years $500
U18 (Youth) 16-17 years $530
Note: Rascals only train in the Track and Field season, and not during the Fall.

Discounts available

Even though our season starts in January, you can join at any point in the year! If you register after March 30, you will receive a $50 discount on your membership fee. If you register after May 15, you will receive a $100 discount. See below for details on Cross Country Membership only (September to November).

Discounts also apply for multiple children from the same family: 2nd child $30 off; 3rd child $60 off.

Cross Country Membership Only

Athletes who are not able to train for the Track and Field season (January to July), can choose to only train for the Cross Country season (September to November). If an athlete is only training for the Cross Country season, there is a reduced membership fee:

Group Age Range Spartans Cross Country Fee
Junior Development (JD) 9-13 years $200
U16 (Midget) & U18 (Youth) 14-17 years $220
Note: There is no Rascals Cross Country season

BC Athletics

BC Athletics membership fee is mandatory and provides liability insurance required for training and competitions. Starting September 1, 2023, the club can no longer submit BC Athletics forms and fees on behalf of athletes. All club athletes must complete a BC Athletics Membership form and submit it directly to BC Athletics along with their BC Athletics membership fee. More information can be found on their website.

Volunteer Commitment Deposit

All members are expected to participate in Club activities. Please include a separate cheque for $100 post-dated to June 15, 2023 with the membership activities. The cheque will be destroyed upon completion of 15 hours of volunteer work for the Club.

Other Important Information

To register for the Spartans, please submit your completed Registration Form, and Photo Release Form, along with a cheque payable to New West Spartans Track & Field Club to Coach Tatjana.

New West Spartans will not allow unregistered athletes to train or compete with the club, as they are not covered by insurance.

For more information on the Spartans, please contact the Coach and Club Registrar Tatjana Mece, either by email or by telephone (604-522-1922).

For more information on BC Athletics, please visit