Don Benson

Don Benson, Honourary President, Life Member and Masters Head

A former Mr. Sport and both soccer and lacrosse Coach of the Year, New Westminster’s Don Benson is a founder of both the Royal City Track & Field Club (1996) and the New West Spartans (2007). He is the Spartans Honourary President for life.

A person with varied interests, Don is Canada’s first Poet Laureate Emeritus, the author of three books and an accomplished Masters Pentathlete in the 75-79 age division. In 2007, he was awarded the British Columbia Community Achievement Award by the Lieutenant Governor for outstanding contributions to athletics and the written arts.

Don Benson was selected by the Vancouver Olympic Committee to be the final New Westminster torch runner and to light the 2010 Winter Olympics cauldron at Queens Park before 10,000 cheering citizens.