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2019 New West Spartans Achievements.

2019 was another great athletics season for New West Spartans athletes.

The top Spartans athlete was Caleigh O’Flaherty. Caleigh open the year winning Champion title and gold medal in pentathlon at Canadian Indoor Hershey Harries Championships in Montreal, QC, with 3055 points.She had some good results, winning three events of five (60mH-9.58/HJ-1.45m/SP-10.41m/LJ-4.68m/800m-2:32.10)

O’Flaherty, continued winning the Heptathlon for Youth Category with 4699 points with a personal best of 365 points, achieving the BC Team Provincial standard.

She won five events of heptathlon, 100mH, SP, 200, LJ and 800m (a new BC record for this event in heptathlon), along her bronze medal in Heptathlon at BC High School Provincial Championships.

Lastly, Caleigh O’Flaherty placed 4th overall in U18 Heptathlon with 4669 points, achieving good results:
1st in 800m with 2:25.03; 4th in 200m 26.60; 3rd – 100m H with 15.01; 2nd HJ with 1.58m
2nd – LJ with 5.29; 4th – SP 3kg 11.00; 6th – Javelin 500g with 24.91m., and making great presentation in national level.

For Junior category, Efrem Mekonnen achieved great results in 1500m with 3:59.13 a personal best of 12.68 sec. and in 800m with 1;57.70 a PR of 1.24 sec. of 10 sec.

Huge improvement had and Sebastian Rasmussen in distance running.
For Junior Development, Denis Petku, achieved the best results in hurdles event. Petku, won many medals this year including his two silver as runner up of 80m hurdles and 200m hurdle ranking him # 2 in province with a 0.02 to 0.05 sec. from the leader.

Brothers Sekhon have had a great year competing in hurdles and middle distance along other athletes as Ryan Sokolowski who won two bronze medals in long jump this year.

For girls, Alissa Barroso did a great presentation winning medals in many track meets. Other athletes as Nigel, Darius, Lauren, Harmen, Arjun, had great improvement this year and promising for better result in the future.

New members have done great preparation and looking forward for great 2020 athletics season.

Congratulations to all New West Spartans for their results!

Caleigh O’Flaherty – Rising Star

Shot Put photo

Shot Put photo: Chung Chow/New West Record

Jump to heptathlon helps North Vancouver track star score big. Caleigh O’Flaherty shows well at Legion National Championships.

It was posted at North Shore Sport news on August 28, and today, August 30.

Today, on August 30, New West Record, posted the article under the Sports section on page 43: Spartans’ rising star embraces magnificent seven.

Caleigh, is a multidimensional athlete, a great hurdler with huge aerobic potentials, said her coach Tatjana Mece.

Coming to New Wet Spartans, with the recommendation of John May, of Vancouver Island, one of the best track and field coach in BC, she will score big in the future.

See the article at the link: and at New West Record, August 30, at Sport section on page 43.