Caleigh O’Flaherty – Rising Star

Shot Put photo

Shot Put photo: Chung Chow/New West Record

Jump to heptathlon helps North Vancouver track star score big. Caleigh O’Flaherty shows well at Legion National Championships.

It was posted at North Shore Sport news on August 28, and today, August 30.

Today, on August 30, New West Record, posted the article under the Sports section on page 43: Spartans’ rising star embraces magnificent seven.

Caleigh, is a multidimensional athlete, a great hurdler with huge aerobic potentials, said her coach Tatjana Mece.

Coming to New Wet Spartans, with the recommendation of John May, of Vancouver Island, one of the best track and field coach in BC, she will score big in the future.

See the article at the link: and at New West Record, August 30, at Sport section on page 43.